Simon Patch


Simon Patch  is a senior satellite broadcasting and news agency executive with more than 30 years experience in these industries.  Simon retired from his position as Managing Director, Vyvx Broadband Media, Williams Communications Pte. Ltd., Singapore at the end of September 2001.  He continues as Managing Director of Patch Communications Asia-Pacific Ltd, Hong Kong and from his new base in Perth, Western Australia.

After joining Visnews Limited (now Reuters video news) in London in 1969, Simon established new business units within the company that pioneered the use of satellites for the contribution and distribution of television news. During this time, Simon introduced the delivery of the Visnews news service by satellite to broadcasters in Australia in 1975, to Japan and the Gulf in 1976 and rest of Asia-Pacific and Latin America in 1977.

In 1981, Simon was appointed Visnews' Bureau Chief, Asia - based in Hong Kong - where he was responsible for the assignment and collection of television news throughout the region.  He also maintained business relationships with television broadcasters in Asia-Pacific. He saw that they received the best news services available and that they paid a fair price for it.

On returning to London in 1984, Simon was appointed Deputy General Manager of BrightStar Communications Limited, a Visnews subsidiary company that broke new ground by providing a dedicated satellite channel between London and the United States specifically for the delivery of "live" news and sports programming for broadcasters on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.  Simon assisted in bringing this new business into profit within two years.

Back in Hong Kong in 1987, Simon developed the first regional television news service for broadcasters in Asia-Pacific before leaving Visnews in 1991 to become Vice President of Keystone Communications Inc., a provider of video transmission services to the broadcast industry, based in Los Angeles.

In 1993, Simon joined Reuters in Hong Kong to work on video news business development and then established Patch Communications Asia-Pacific Limited.  One of PCAP's clients was the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. PCAP was responsible for the satellite distribution of ABC's international television channel, Australia Television, to homes, cable head ends, broadcasters and hotels in South East Asia.

In 1996, Simon returned to the UK as Managing Director, Vyvx International Limited. He built up a satellite-based video transmission service business in Europe and Asia-Pacific with offices in London and Singapore.  In 1998, Simon merged the UK operations with Vyvx's partner in Europe ntl: and in 2000 relocated to Singapore to focus on developing the company's operations in Asia-Pacific.  This has most recently meant creating regional partnerships with telecommunications and media companies to establish content distribution networking, storage and web hosting services for content producers and owners to maximize the value of their video assets.