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Here's some of our latest news:

Balkan seminars: MSE affiliate Keith Hayes has just returned from Belgrade where he ran seminars and lectures for local Serbian and Yugoslavian media (radio, television and text) over a six-day period in two-day sessions. Almost 70 journalists took advantage of the course. He also spent two days presenting a seminar to Kosovar journalists in Pristina. Other projects in both Serbia, Kosovo and Montenegro are presently being planned. He is now working in Kosovo.

Just launched:  new public website for Reuters Foundation, built by MSE affiliate Diana Quay.  This replaces an older site and required the design of a new navigation plan.  This commission followed a reconstruction one year earlier of the Foundation's private site for Reuters staff worldwide.

New Satellite Channel planned: MSE affiliate Andrew Ailes is currently editorial adviser to a proposed new satellite channel: Media News Network. This is a news and entertainment channel for the Developing World.  Andrew is also providing consultancy services to NewSat, a satellite company covering Europe and the Indian Ocean:  www.newsat-usa.com  - More details soon.

Earth Dialogues: co-hosted by Maurice Strong and Mikhail Gorbachev, this international forum to galvanise global action on sustainable development was held in Lyon, France February 21-23. It featured extensive debates by "roundtable" groups on global ethics related to this issue and the resulting recommendations will be taken forward to the World Summit on Sustainable Development to be held in Johannesburg in September.  MSE affiliate Diana Quay organised the Media & Communications Roundtable on behalf of  The Bellagio Forum for Sustainable Development. For details of the outcome: www.bfsd.org